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27 October 2009 @ 09:03 pm
Ten days to go...  
It's 10 days to the Convention, we've got seven Guests, it's nearly Halloween, and we've got the programme sorted - it should be at the printers by now.

Here is just a reminder of some of the fantastic things that will be happening over the course of the weekend.

Kaffee Klatches: Six people have a private chat with a Guest over a coffee. (Sign-up at least three hours in advance)

NaNoWriMo write-ins: NaNoWriMo takes places every November, so for those of you who are attempting to write a 50,000 word novel, we've set aside a few sessions for you to do it in.

Unseen University Challenge: A Discworld-based version of the UK TV quiz show University Challenge. We need six teams of four to compete, and the winning team will play a team of Guests and Committee. (Sign-up on Friday)

Interviews with each of the Guests. Watch amazed as a committee member forgets what they were going to say next as they talk to someone who has their own wikipedia article.

Get a Life: When people hear you are a fan of speculative fiction, they think you're a geek with no life. Spend five minutes telling people about the things you do to prove them wrong. (Sign-up at Registration)

Maskerade: Got a costume? Got an act? Got both? Then this is where you show it off. Fabulous prizes to be won! (Sign-up on Friday)

The Oswalds: The Discworld's Oscars are in town. This is a ticket-only posh dinner, complete with a pre-dinner reception, and after-dinner speeches. The Maskerade prizes will be given out during this event. (Book online before Monday November 2nd)

Music With Rocks In: An unplugged set by anyone who turns up with music and an instrument. Good for singalongs and a fine sense of camararderie.

Charity Auction: We're selling off loads of stuff to the highest bidder in aid of The Alzheimer's Society of Ireland. Bring money!

Plus lots of games, panels, and randomly interesting stuff happening all weekend. And donkeys! Did I mention the donkeys? We have donkeys.